Laetitia Hahn

„Laetitia Hahn gehört zu den talentiertesten und vielversprechendsten Pianisten der jüngeren Generation. Ich konnte beobachten, dass sie eine großartige Kombination aus technischen Fähigkeiten, großartigem Klang und musikalischer Sensibilität besitz und ihrer Performance immer eine exzellente Vision der dargestellten Stücke zugrunde liegt. Sie besitzt die seltene Eigenschaft, längere Strukturen aufzubauen und interessante Erzählformen zu schaffen, ohne deren Strukturen zu unterbrechen. Heute, da die meisten jungen Pianisten von Tempi und Überschallgeschwindigkeit besessen sind, widmet sich Frau Hahn der Ausgestaltung musikalischer Elemente wie Dynamik, Textur und Vielfalt der Klangpalette. Ich glaube, dass Frau Laetitia Hahn eine der interessantesten Pianistinnen ihrer Generation ist.“ Dr. Krystian Tkaczewski, Leiter des Chopin Sommer Festival, Polen, 2016  Foto: Tibor Pluto

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"Sometimes you get really lucky in life. This is what happened to us when we visited this unique concert in Tonhalle Dusseldorf the other day (Grieg op. 16, in A minor, March 2019,note from the editor). Anyway, a visit to Laetitia Hahn's concerts or recitals always has a guarantee of happiness ... so far my opinion. She showed everything that makes a very great artist at the pianoforte. I know this piano concerto inside out. Everything was just right there, interaction with the excellent orchestra of the Philharmonische Gesellschaft Düsseldorf, great team play exactly on the point by the outstanding conductor Thomas Schlerka. Laetitia masters all timbres and knows how to use them very tastefully and faithfully. Her fantastic technical brilliance, panache and her incredible musical talent tore the audience out of their chairs, sustained applause after the first movement and in the end all stood up and celebrated "their" native from Düsseldorf - sometimes also not the easiest task, a home game. It was simply spectacular, inspiring and refreshing to listen to her playing on the excellent Shigeru Kawai and playing with the orchestra. She is a Kawai artist and is strongly supported, a symbiosis which is also a stroke of luck for both.  -  Festival Forecast (Tokarev Festival 2020, note from the editor): Next for Laetitia is F. Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1 in the original version for quintet on the program. Would you also like to try a piece of luck? "Ralf" Ted "Herold, initiator and director of the Tokarev Festival, 2019


„I enjoyed very much to meet & listen to Laetitia, she is a great talent with much personality already!“, Håvard Gimse, pianist, Bergen, 2018


"Laetitia, you are ten now. But what you are about to play now is very, very virtuoso. So, many do not play alike ... with 90 "Stefan Raab, host of the latenight show TV-total, 2014


„Laetitia belongs to the group of most talented and promising pianists of younger generation. I could observe that she possesses a great combination of technical skills, sublime sound and musical sensitivity. Her technical skills always are designated to show the musical depth and artistic ideas. The next important aspect of Laetitia Hahn´s performance is an excellent vision of the performing pieces. She owns the rare quality to build longer structures and to create the interesting narration forms without interrupting their structures. Today, when most young pianists are obsessed with tempi and supersonic speeds, Miss Hahn is interested in exploring such musical elements as: dynamics, texture and diversity of sound palette. I believe that Miss Laetitia Hahn is one of the most interesting pianists of her generation. Moreover, I believe that the potential she owns, will be gradually progressed and all concert halls will become open for her. As a director of International Piano Festival „Lato z Chopinem“ (Chopin Summer) in Busko-Zdroj (Poland) I have invited Laetitia Hahn to perform at XXIII edition of the festival in July 2017.“ Dr. Krystian Tkaczewski, Director of „Chopin Summer“ Festival, Poland, 2016


Laetitia Hahn - C - Kammerdacapo

L.V. Beethoven Klavierkonzert Nr 5 - Streaming 11.6.2021, 19:00 Uhr


11. Juli 2021, Italien, Castello di Masino, Welturaufführung der Komposition "Spring in February" für vier Streicher von Laetitia Hahn


Mendelssohn Project - neuer Termin 13.10.2021
Über mich

Laetitia Hahn wurde 2003 in Düsseldorf geboren. Mit zwei Jahren begann sie Klavier zu spielen, wurde mit vier Jahren eingeschult und übersprang vier Schulklassen. Seit dem Sommersemester 2016 ist sie mit zwölf Jahren ordentlich immatrikulierte Studentin im Studiengang „Bachelor of Arts in Music"

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